Introducing “Screen Sting”

ScreenStingLogo_FinalI started this blog when I returned from my two year mission from Virginia on recommendation of a church leader. It began as a personal blog and switched to primarily film reviews where I found a love in movies and writing about them.

That set a great foundation for my “training” in writing. So, I decided to take this passion further of watching film and critically writing about them into an actual website called: SCREEN STING.

Here, I hope to carry on not only writing about new film releases on a week to week basis, but also other types of media like music, television and video games. This will hopefully carry on to more mediums that I can broadcast on like video and podcasting. It’s all in infantile stages right now, but I hope it will grow.

So, my followers here, as few as you may be, I hope you will follow me over to ScreenSting,com and read my writings there because there will be a lot coming up that will be sure that will tickle your fancy.

And what will happen to “Little to Know Sense?” Well, it will stay here, but I will transform it into a personal/family blog for my life and what I’m going through. I’ll routinely update my life with pictures and stories and thoughts. If you’re interested in that, please stick around.

Thank you all, and here’s to another journey!

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