“The LEGO Movie” is awesome

Could the title be anything else? Nah, I don’t think so.

Even Emett (Chris Pratt) is awesome.

Even Emett (Chris Pratt) is awesome.

My reaction when I hear there will be a LEGO movie: alright…? My reaction when I see the trailer: Looks hilarious. Ticket sold. My reaction when actually watching it: Oh myidjfksiskjs!!!!!

Yeah. To put it short, I loved it. It is definitely the Cabin in the Woods of this year. Not in the way of genre or flair, but how that it took the premise of the movie and blew it up a hundred fold. It’s more than what you see. The LEGO Movie proves that mediocrity with a silly premise is NEVER an option.

And this comes from the minds of the directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Millerwho continues to take these properties like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street and expands on the roots of the idea to make it more than the sum of its pieces. Pun (?) intended.

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t raised on LEGOs. Whenever I went over to my cousins’ we would dump theirs out and watch them play with them in their magnificence while I tried to slap together a blocky fortress. Mine didn’t turn out too well. But I understood what LEGOs meant to their fans. It’s about imagination, fun, inventiveness, storytelling, and everything in between. You can make what the box suggests into your favorite movie car or spaceship, or you can make whatever you want. With LEGOs, the possibilities are endless. That’s where Lord and Miller begin.

Quick synopsis. In the intricate world of LEGO, Emmet (Chris Pratt), is an unspecial constructor who follows the status quo while singing the generic, happy theme “Everything is Awesome.” He stumbles upon the Piece of Resistance one day after work which has the power to stop Lord Business’ (Will Ferrell) super weapon to freeze all its victims. With the help of WyldStyle (Elizabeth Banks), a hilarious Batman (Will Arnett) and a group of other master-builders to stop Lord Business’ evil plans. Master-builders are those who have the capabilities to build whatever they want out of the world of LEGOs. Emett must find himself to become one of these in order to save the metropolis. 

Phew. It’s best to go in with only a shallow knowledge of the movie to let it unfold before you, but that’s the main gist.

LEGOThere are so many elements of  The LEGO Movie that I loved. First, the world is remarkable. Everything is made out of LEGOs, even the water. This gives the movie such unique animation aesthetic that isn’t found anywhere else. They even play jokes out of it such as Liam Neeson’s Good Cop/Bad Cop character who changes his head around for alternate personalities. And if there are items that aren’t LEGOs, they are held as weird, rare and have mystical power like the Piece of Resistance.

One of the reservations I have is the ability to speak to its audience. No doubt it will make 20-somethings laugh and enjoy through its hour and 41 minute runtime. Yet it may go over an elderly crowds’ heads. It might even be too fast and chaotic for them. And what about kids? It is a kids’ movie right? Not really. The jokes play more off of wordplay rather than strict physical comedy. I’ve heard through the grapevine that kids get bored and want to leave. So, parents, be cautious when taking your kids and be prepared.

When the media wave plummeted on our TVs and theater screens, I told myself that the humor reminds me of a smart and witty 12 year old who you would love to play LEGOs with. And that’s consistent through the movie. The writers understand what WE would be saying and doing with unlimited power and LEGOs when we were that age. And that’s where the movie finds its magic.

I love one-off movies like the aforementioned Cabin in the Woods. But if Lord and Miller have more up their sleeve that can hold a candle to this masterpiece, give it to me and give it to me now. Watch out Pixar, we have a new player in town ready to take your animated pedestal.

Rating: Extraordinary!

Next up: The Wind Rises. 


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