Netflix Fix: Between Blockbuster and B-Movie

Let’s be honest. When we go through Netflix’s front page we are often dissapointed to see the abundant amount of B-movie trash. Not that all B-movies are but most of them are. Sometimes you can find that diamond in the rough. Yet sometimes you want a surefire hit that you can just zone out on.  avengers_poster_4x3

Once in a while I’m amazed about what movies this streaming juggernaut can score. I took a look at Josh Jackson’s 10 Best Summer Family Blockbusters on Netflix Instant post.  All but one (Rango) are not currently streaming.

Although most of those on that list are feel-good popcorn munchers (Avengers, Captain America: the First Avenger, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), not all are arguably spectacular (Hunger Games, Super 8).

That is what makes Netflix a wonderful platform. They can get huge blockbusters and have such filler content as the B-movies. But I would contend that the content in between these two are what we are really looking for.

We’ve already seen all of the blockbusters in the theaters! And we don’t want to bore ourselves to death with films like “The Bouquet.” What we want are those hidden gems that we can share with others to be the “cool kid” or in these day’s terms: “the hipster” who saw it first.


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