Batman/Superman Mashup Spitball

Last week at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Brothers/DC dropped a huge bombshell that made a semi-strong splash made by none other than infamous action director, Zack Snyder. There will be a Superman/Batman movie. The assembly hall and the webverse erupted with cheers and jeers.

Now, I’m not a comic book intellect like many of you, but I do know what I want to see and I am familiar with ways that could have hooked other people. Many other fan-made predictions are being made for the upcoming movie that just gets our imagination running with the possibilities. I don’t want to get too deep in that though.

superman vs. batmanMy thoughts on the DC vs. Marvel “rivalry” are a bit more passive than other fans’. I think DC already lost, but they won huge by changing the way we look at comic book movies for the next few decades with the game-changing The Dark Knight. Nolan brought realism, theme and intrigue to the once glossy world of superhero flicks. Marvel has their own branding with a glossy look (at least in its first stage, it looks like they’re moving into darker themes with the next Captain America and Thor). I think it’s silly of DC to compete with the Marvel formula because it probably won’t work. I truly don’t see how Wonder Woman or Aquaman will work on screen without giving it the Nolan realistic twist. Audiences have become smarter. Main point: DC needs to get their stuff together. 

A huge staple in the Marvel cinematic universe is teasing the next movie with an after credits sequence. Taking a page out of their playbook after Man of Steel wouldn’t have been be such a bad idea and I think they missed a huge opportunity to get the gossip running early and faster.

What they should have done (which would have caused a bigger splash than the Comic Con reveal) is to copy Marvel in such a way to provoke excitement in the fan-base. It would have escalated the movie to another level and pave the way for a DC expandable universe.

Specifically, this is what they should have done… according to me.

Man of Steel‘s major critique is the amount of unapologetic damage done by the hero. He made no effort to move it elsewhere to save the citizens of Metropolis. This irritated me too and I’m surprised the film makers didn’t do anything to address it.

Also, what angered a lot of audience members is when Superman snapped Zod’s neck when he threatened to kill a family. This didn’t bother me so much as the purists, but I still see their concern.

One after credits shot would have (maybe) dissipated the critiques. A small 15 second shot of the back of  Bruce Wayne watching a news report of the destruction of Metropolis. This would be the promise of consequence.

What made The Avengers so great is that it put the heroes at odds with each other. They rubbed each other the wrong way which made each question their role in this universe. Bruce Wayne has always been a non-killer, at least by his own hands. He believes in justice, but not at his own hand. Superman should believes these ideals as well, but makes the excuse that since he has the power he should be able to carry it out. He can make himself a judge, jury and executioner because he may be entitled to it. This isn’t giving Superman a huge ego, it’s just that he knows his place in the world.

Although it’s rumored that Nolan’s trilogy doesn’t exist with this new one, we can speculate that the new mashup happens after Batman fixes Gotham. With Batman’s origins out of the way, we can focus on him trying to save Metropolis before it becomes like Gotham, a city of ruin and crime.

Again, this is me just spitballing not having all the details ironed out, it’s just what I would have liked and like to see.


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