Belated Mini Review: Now You See Me

As I said following my Man of Steel review I would be posting about a movie that came out weeks and weeks ago, my #17 Most Anticipated Summer MovieNow You See Me

Seeing this a few weeks ago on my trip up to Washington I can only remember a few elements about this movie that I did and didn’t like. 34_now-you-see-me-poster_7B13

I remember the cast being very good. Names like Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Cain, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman got me in the seats. I love all these actors but I don’t think they performed and/or had the right script to elevate their performances to the level that I would want them to be.

The story was actually very tight. The opening sequence got me into the action soon and had me throughout its runtime. About a team of magicians who get this Robin Hood-esque plan to rob the 1% was clever enough to have me guessing wrong at every turn. Yes, the plans were too elaborate for their own good but it didn’t take away the enjoyment I had of watching them unfold.

The major problem I had with this was the ending. I’m alright with being dooped. I’m an M. Night apologist for goodness sakes. But I want the parts of the whole, the puzzle pieces, to actually fit together so that in retrospective I can blame only myself for not catching on. This “twist” (which is loosely used for this) comes out of left field. It didn’t make sense. In a second watch it might, but if it doesn’t work the first time it makes for a weaker movie.

On the other hand, maybe this whole movie is a magic trick where only figuring it out will ruin the wonder of it. but the same rules for magic doesn’t apply for cinema sadly.

This isn’t a must see, but it’s a movie that if you want to have a good fun time, try it out.

Rating: Redbox at best.

This weekend look out for my reviews of World War Z tonight and Monsters University tomorrow afternoon.


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