Trailer Tuesday: Here Comes the Boom

Sorry for the serious lack of posts these last couple of weeks. I’ve just had a bunch of ideas floating around about what to write about. Later this week I’ll have an article about general audience expectations and reception as opposed to a critical approach. So be looking for that. On with the show!

Kevin James has been subjecting himself to lower act movies since his King of Queens days, always going for the low budget comedies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, The Zookeeper and Grown Ups. It seems that he hasn’t realized his potential as a serious actor. When I got a glimpse of Here Comes the Boom I was surprised that James was in such a role that will stretch his dramatic acting.

The story seems cliche and well-rehearsed, essentially it’s an underdog story that we’ve all seen before in Rocky, Warrior or Real Steel. And, of course, it’s in the MMA sports world that is extremely popular in our day. But the main character isn’t a fighter but a high school biology teacher named Scott Voss who was at one time the “teacher of the year.” When his high school is forced to cut back on funds for extracurricular activities he devises a plan to join the underground MMA in order to win the funds for his school. Hopefully this will flip character development on its head rather than the always important redemptive tale.

Take a watch and tell me what you think.

It seems to be an emotionally driven story that will follow the underdog formula to an exact point. But I’m ready to be blindsided with something new and fresh.



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