The Hobbit: The Trilogy

The Hobbit splitting... again

Will a trilogy be the right move besides at the box office?

Yes, it’s official, and I’m hoping on the news like a rabbit.

Okay, I won’t proclaim I’m a Tolkien scholar in any sense. I have the regular The Lord of the Rings trilogy on blu-ray and the extended versions on DVD which I have watched countless times. They’re great and will never get old. Just today, Peter Jackson confirmed that his prequel epic will be three parts. Yes… previously a 2 parter (which has caught on recently with Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight) has been beefed up to a full blown trilogy. Hey, it worked the first time; Return of the King had more than a 1000% percent profitability. But, I hope this isn’t the reason why it’s being split… again. It’s an easy cash-grab especially for a movie with a 3D option.

It’s being said that the appendices that were included in a later publication of The Return of the King. What I’m confused about is if Jackson is adding another movie or adding more story in between the 2 movies that a 3rd is inevitable.

I don’t know. First impressions are I’m bummed, I’m liking the 2 parter movie trend. But at the same time if Peter Jackson can pull off an elaborate world (again) that has fleshed out stories without it being too difficult to follow, then all power to it. I’ll see all three!


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