Trailer Tuesday: Man of Steel

While eagerly waiting for The Dark Knight Rises to begin I was also waiting for the first trailer of the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. I thought I would see action, Metropolis, and the infamous S on Clark Kent’s chest. What I did see was very surprising. 

Yes, it’s quite the opposite of what I was expecting, which I like a lot. It looks like they’re going for a more practical origin story than a simple “he landed in Kansas, moved to the city, got a job at the Daily Planet, infatuated with Lois Lane, saves the day” type of story. They’re going for more of a fleshed out origin that gives Superman his meaning.

In a way, Superman is a Christ-like symbol; he’s come to this planet with powers that we can’t really understand but it’s his burden to bear, to protect us and watch over us. In a sense, Superman is a lonely savior. If DC Studios can have this theme intertwined without smashing us over the head with it than it can be a superhero movie with actual true meaning which is lacking in most movies of the genre. Plus, the movie has Christopher Nolan as producer so hopefully it’ll smooth over Zack Synder’s visual over-top-ness that he showed in 300 and Sucker Punch. Expected release: June 14th 2013.

I actually have high hopes for this one. What do you think? Are you on board?


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