Neflix Fix: Breaking Bad 1-4

Break Bad with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Walter and Jesse break bad in each episode.

There is an abundance of TV shows on Netflix. Those with high reputation like How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development and Glee. And others that no one cares to ever watch like Supernatural, Blue Mountain State or Trailer Park Boys. Other TV shows serve as a continual narrative which captivates fans to watch every single episode, follow each characters arc and understand the ins and outs of the show’s universe. Shows that re like this are Lost, Mad Men and Heroes. But the one of these types of shows I am an avid fan of and can’t wait for its 5th and final season is Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is a story of Walter White, chemistry genius and high school chemistry teacher who is working another job at a car wash just to provide for his pregnant wife and handicapped son. Season One sets up his situation: after Walter goes on a ride-along meth bust with his brother-in-law and after realizing how much money is made in the production and distribution of those drugs an idea occurs to him that will solve all his financial woes. At that drug bust he sees a former student who he supposes is in the underground industry already. Jesse Pinkman is that student. Eventually they meet up and Walter convinces Jesse to partner with him. Walter does the manufacturing and Jesse does the business end. Sounds like a good plan, right?

The 4 season arc follows these two in their cover ups, exploitations all while dodging the law. Each episode is 48 minutes long giving enough time and attention to each character and their developments.

Bryan Cranston plays the lead protagonist. He gives a believable and captivating performance each and every performance. He’s an anti-hero; a hero you root for while they’re doing the wrong things. Jesse Pinkman is played by Aaron Paul. He has this presence on the screen where you just can’t help but love his “don’t give a crap” attitude and sharp lines. By the way, these two have each won Golden Globes on the same year. So, I’m not the only viewer that appreciates their performance.

Okay, so one concern I had when I was starting to watch this was the content. Yes, it’s about manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine. It’s a sketchy and ugly subject to have a whole show based on. But the protagonist has a moral code to not use it himself, his purpose is to provide for his family. It’s the characterization of “would you steal a loaf of bread to feed your family?” It’s about how far a family will go to protect and provide. A noble mission but just done the wrong way. Every one of his actions affects those around him negatively. He gets so far deep that it becomes impossible to get out. That’s the appeal of this show.

Fair warning: if you get into this show you’ll be addicted. Netflix only has season 1-3 for stream and season 5 will be available on the 15th of July, the same day the final season will premiere.

So stream! Now on Netflix. Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: this is a repost from my other blog “Fixing Netflix” that I’m integrating into this blog.


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