Brave- Competing Against Pixar and Disney

The title of Pixar’s new movie is quite representative of the movie itself. First off, every since Pixar’s inception they’ve never ventured so far as to make a film that features a female lead. We’ve had toys, monsters, bugs, superheroes, robots, fish and cars but not a single female centerpoint to focus a story.

From the get-go Pixar is already pitting themselves up against Disney’s most iconic princesses and theoir own memorable and heartfelt stories. Expectations are high to meet the standards of those princesses and Pixar’s own reputation.

The marketing campaign has made a conscious effort to keep the plot underwraps which is okay; it’s a Pixar movie, you don’t need to tell the public what it is exactly about, they’ll come anyway. Let’s just say that Merida, a princess of a middle-aged Scottish kingdom, is forced by her proper mother, Elinor, into potentially marrying one of three suitors from other clans. After an argument with her mother she finds a way to change her fate… or does she?

Now, I can’t help but compare to already established Disney princess movies. There are a series of tropes (established stepping stones) that many, if not all, of the princess movies have. What “Brave” does well is rethinking these tropes, challenging the princess formula and make it an internal struggle of relationships between a mother and a daughter. That’s what this movie has going for it.

What is off putting is the world building; it doesn’t make sense. Pixar does a stellar job at building their worlds (Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc.) but “Brave” doesn’t necessarily take time to flesh it out. All we get is that their are surrounding colonies but nothing for us to really know where this kingdom falls in place with the rest of the world. Scaling down the action even has its flaws; we are lead to believe that Merida doesn’t have any other relationships outside of her own family. There’s no hint that she has friends in the village even.

As for humor: maybe too much. In a full auditorium there was nothing to hear but laughs which made it difficult to catch all of the current joke and the succeeding joke. Now, Pixar has humor down to an art before “Brave.” This time around they have resorted to boob hints and bare butts for more sick icing on the sweet cake of silliness.

Overall, “Brave” is a beautiful spectacle full of amusing characters and laughs that only Pixar can deliver.

These are just my 2 cents. What did you think?

For the record these are my favorite Pixar movies in order.

1. Toy Story 2

2. Monsters, Inc.

3. The Incredibles

4. Ratatouille

5. Toy Story 3

6. A Bug’s Life

7.  Finding Nemo

8. Toy Story

9. Brave

10. Cars

11. WALL-E

12. Up

Thinking of making a larger article about the Pixar movie franchises and my explanation about why their in this order.


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