Music Monday- Motion City Soundtrack covers Trampled By Turtles

Motion City Soundtrack has been tearing into my ears for years. Since 2003 this group has been widening the abilities of what pop-punk has the capabilities can be. With the combination of rhythmic drums, thumping bass, sexy synth, killer lyrics, smooth melodies and face-melting guitar riffs there’s isn’t any way any of their songs can’t be amazing.

Their new endeavor is a cover song from a bluegrass group Trampled By Turtles. The latter band covered MCS’ song, “Disappear,” but this blog isn’t about that but “Wait So Long.”

Motion City Soundtrack takes Trampled By Turtles strict modern bluegrass and transforms it completely. Lead singer, Justin Pierre, takes the melodies and puts his personal touch into without changing the feel of the song. Every instrument is given the right amount of attention, even though the synth took a backseat. It begs the listener to automatically memorize the reader just so they can sing along to the catchiness. Even an hour after listening I still can’t get it out of my head.

Motion City Soundtrack is currently mixing their 5th record on their new label, The Boombox Generation, and should be out by this next year’s spring.

Take a listen and enjoy.

Motion City Soundtrack- Wait So Long


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