The Morning of Awesome

I’m especially excited about this band. I guess that’s why I decided to do this on a Friday; I want your weekend to be even more awesome just like my past week has been since I have found this band. They were just a featured band on Purevolume, I clicked and fell in love with this inspiring indie pop rock.

If you’re looking for a fresh view of moving music, The Morning Of is the group for you. Their tracks are decked out with various tempo changes, piano lining duel vocals of Justin Wiley and Jessica Leplon and such chemistry between the various instruments gives much needed motivation to improve the world around you. The opening track of TMO’s “The World As We Know It” is quite similar to Mae’s on “The Everglow”, a floaty inspiring piano with underlining narrative. Even their sound can be compared to Mae’s, tempo driven, soft yet guitar thrashing and vocally carried they’re the best kept secret of New York.

The Morning Of has released two discs so far “Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity” of 2007 and “The World As We Know It”, and a third on the way titled “The Way I Fell In” being released the 4th of next month. They have released a couple tracks on that have won me over times two. My favorite tracks come from TWAWKI LP. I’d definitely recommend “Reverie”, a floaty tune with a stunning chorus that demands that you sing along, and “Violins and Trees (Unforgettable)” which is a soft ballad guided by the incredible voice of Jessica Leplon and some serious guitar work. And they’re collection isn’t all covered by styrofoam, they do have some rough riffs and pounding drums but they smooth it over with delicate melodies that hit the mark.

What I like about them also is that they connect to their fans. A few nights ago I got a direct message from them thanking me for following them and inviting me to connect with them because “they love to talk.” This shows they know how valuable their fans are, it’s us that keeps them on the road and in the studio.

These 5 have really upped the ante on indie pop rock. So excited for the future of this music.


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