I will Sing It Loud

It took a lot of convincing myself and a leap of faith to download Sing It Loud’s debut LP “Come Around” because I’ve lost a lot of faith in the pop punk genre. I’ve noticed that the genre I’ve grown to love (through Blink-182, Motion City Soundtrack, Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, etc.) has been suffering from modern day hair bands decked out with guy-liner. I researched and finally bought “Come Around”. I don’t regret it. The disc is grand. It’s not the stereotypical pop-punk sound we have been bombarded with by bands like All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, Family Force 5 among others. These guys are much bouncier, actually give thought into their melodies and song structure. A selling point for me was that it was produced by Motion City Soundtrack’s guitarist Josh Cain, and Justin Pierre is (leading singer of the same band) is a featured vocalist on “We’re Not Afraid”. Of which is a stellar track, worth the download. I have to say that because of this band I am convinced that the synthesizer is the new lead guitar. They lace most songs with the intricate keyboard so nicely.

Apparently, I just found out, that they are releasing another disc soon. May 11th to be exact on Epitaph Records. I’m listening to their single “Sugar Sweet” right now. And my first impression would have to be that they are using a good clean guitar, with the background of a synth and a tight snare keeping walking tempo beat. Sounds great. Almost has a western color to it.  It speeds up right before the chorus keeping things interesting.

I’m telling you, give these boys from Minneapolis  a shot. I almost gave up on the pop-punk scene because everything and everyone was getting flushed out in the mix. These guys have stood out to me and have given me a new tempo for my heartbeat.


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