The Narrative

Funny story how I came to know these guys, the Narrative. So, I about a week or so ago I was headed for a road trip to UT and I wanted some new fresh music to listen to on the long drive. I went to Twitterworld for some help. And lo and behold I got a response. Suzie, vocalist and keyboardist, had this to say to me “new music suggestion: the narrative 🙂 indie pop with guy/girl vocals. hope you like!” I was amazed I got a response from a complete stranger but very impressed by the self promotion. That, my friends is legit.

So, I had a listen. Listened to the purevolume. Hopped on iTunes that night and bought their EP “Just Say Yes”. I was pleasantly dazzled (thank you thesaurus rex) of the simplicity, softness and relaxation tunes from this quartet. Hailing from Long Island, NY they’re sound is comparable to legendary indiest Death Cab for Cutie with a female touch and twist. It’s easy listening. Something you would put on while reading a pleasant book or on the way back from a loud obnoxious rock concert. Their notes soothe like cold water on a hot day.

Songs I’d recommend? “Libra” for sure. This has a a great back and forth compliment from guy to girl in a rush of rolling drums. Definitely a stand out track for me. “Eyes Closed” is a very calming track with tiny piano and consistent acoustic finger plucking. Musically, it’s delicious. All the others are very straight forward and soft, not much to talk about except for just easy listening. One nag I’d like to make is to give Suzie more up front vocals or more transition between the two vocalists.

Thank you Suzie for your shameless self-promotion!


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