Fun. is fun.

So, for this first installment of my reviews, I chose to do write about my favorite on my list because they put their stamp on my mind and I can write about them pretty easily. I also have homework to do, so I hope this will be a fast entry.

Fun.! (They spell it like that: “Fun.”) This band is such a fresh breath of air for my ears and for the industry. They are the byproduct of the late The Format and they have carried many elements of that with them. Nate Reuss (former lead of the Format) heads this collaboration with Andrew Dost of Anthallo and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train, thank you Wikipedia. Fun. uses many many techniques in song writing such as bridges, beat changes, horns, strings, piano, anything they want. Can’t hold them in a box.

For me, I’d say download their whole album of course, because they are just that good. But if you need just a little more convincing then youtube “All the Pretty Girls” music video. That song is catchy, dancable and a sample of how awesome they are. Their opening track, “Be Calm”, is such an eerie tune that might give you the creeps, but it’s so smooth in vocals and changes  in color it’s hard not to like it and to die in anticipation not knowing where it’s going to go next. “The Gambler” is also such a stand out track for me. It’s a straight piano and string piece detailing a tale that takes you back of love and life. (I believe it’s about his parents but don’t quote me on that.)

Basically, go buy, don’t pirate, buy, “Aim and Ignite”. It’s so full of intrigue and various textures that it will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

PS- I’m going to be seeing them with Paramore and Relient K in May. Way excited.


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