My Dinosaur Life

Whoa! It’s been almost a month. Not that anyone was on the edge of their seats in anticipation for my next blog… but I’m here again. This time it’ll be something different, something I’ve been wanting to start up for a while. That is to review CDs.

First of all, I don’t know everything about life, the universe and everything. I’m not a music buff and I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of anything. I do know that I love good music, literature, movies and generally entertainment. I’m aware I have an acute opinion on what is considered good. Basically, I wont listen to anything I don’t like, which makes sense, right? I like to think so.

Motion City Soundtrack’s 4th

For my first installment I’m going to speak on track by track my currently favorite band, Motion City Soundtrack, and their newest release, My Dinosaur Life. It is their 4th full length but 1st on a major label, switching from indie Epitaph to major Columbia. Their last CD, Even If It Kills Me, was over-hyped by their breakthrough record produced by Mark Hoppus, Commit This to Memory. But EIIKM wasn’t so much as a home run for the group, for them it was more like a ground double, knowing that they had more potential than what they showed. Their goal for EIIKM was to be as catchy as possible, with My Dinosaur Life there were no expectations except to put out one killer of a record. They succeeded.

Worker Bee- “It’s been a good year/ A good new beginning” seems to invite listeners of the new disc appropriately.  This fast paced straight up rock song conveys a surge of energy that has been held back for quite some time. Its short, to the point tendencies creates even more anticipation for the rest of the tracks. Pierre lets his voice shake throughout the song, letting it rip near the end. Definitely an awesome pick for introduction. It deserves a gold star.

A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help)- I recently blasted my English102 class with this and wrote a semi-detailed paper as well. “A Lifeless” seems to be a cry of desperation to get things sorted out in life that has become stagnant and immovable from the normal everyday. With its bouncy rhythm it tells the message that sometimes life sucks and you’re wailing in hopelessness but you still need to put on a happy face and live through it all.

Her Words Destroyed My Planet- First single off the new album and rightfully so. It’s completely MCS, with the pop culture reference, faux kazoos and  catchy nature. Apparently, it’s about how someone’s words can obliterate someone’s meaningful existence and how he would pull himself together and keep on keeping on. Lovely little track.

Disappear- Definitely the darkest MCS tune out there, at least that I can think of. This was the first song released from MDL, and at first I was freaked out. I didn’t know where they were going with this new sound. Pierre’s lyrics are cutting and fast paced in verse. Frankly, I haven’t a clue what this song is about except that it may have to be with one’s  despair and just the desire to disappear and decompose into complete nothingness. The music underlines this theme making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up from the chill of the atmosphere created.

Delirium- By far one of my favorite tracks… of the many. So random. The bass line is catchy as heck. The lyrics describe someone in rehab and having visions of incests and slugs. This takes you into the tangles of Justin’s mind has you cut through the mess with a machete to find your way out. I would love  to see a video depicting this.

History Lesson- Get out your mugs, Irish! and fill up! While listening to this song you just can’t help but picture the band rocking this at a local pub and all the barman getting rowdy. It relates to the history of maybe experienced gents that are remorsing  about their past rough life and how that it’s all washed up and the lessons learned. Hey, just a guess.

Stand Too Close- Beautiful song full of honesty and the awkwardness of what a relationship can be. It begins with a thumping acoustic and slowly cascades with piano and eventually climaxes to a raging leading distorted guitar. I love how it’s not out of the ordinary of a simple acoustic song, fits perfect and very practically. Such a heart warmer.

Pulp Fiction- Such a highlight of the whole disc. The vocals are captivating, catchy with a simple background in the verses. You can’t help but get frustrated that you don’t know the words by heart the first time you listen. Takes some practice, trust me. Even though I have no clue what this it’s about I can’t help love artistic vibe. Oh, it’s definitely not about Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta…. almost wish it was.

@!#?@!–  Had to copy and paste the title. Best part of the song is the first couple lines: “In early 1999 I beat the Ocarina of Time/ I’m quite the legend in this town.” Brilliant. What I draw from this track is that the nerds just want to be left alone to do their thing without the disturbance of the jocks ruining their fun. With creative bass and fingers snapping and a chorus that demands radio edit, I’d have to say this is very dancable but not playable to straight edge parents.

Hysteria- Cue the dramatic spy music. I seem to imagine a secret agent scene dodging laser beams and knocking evil thugs unconscious during this song. It’s verse are free flowing in every aspect and the chorus runs with total energy. The guitar solo rips with simplicity. Very sing-alongable, if you can remember the lyrics of course.

Skin and Bones- Sad, so sad. With all these philosophical questions that scrape the inner thoughts of humanity it makes you wonder what if we are just skin and bones. A thumping bass and a basic drumbeat carries the verses to make room for these deep soul searching inquiries. Easily a track that is worth listening to when you just need to feel in the dumps. Just ignore the annoying high-hat in the chorus…oops.

The Weakends- MCS have a tradition I’ve noticed to let their albums off on a soft note, like with “Hold Me Down” and “Even If It Kills Me”. Nope. Not with this one. They let it all out with complicated guitar riffs and pounding snare and bass. Pierre describes this as the procrastinating song to let all the weekends get washed down. Although, it lets us off on a different note it’s fitting for them with the last chorus having a drifty sense to it and finally leaving us with a high powered outro.

Well that be it. But I want to mention that there are bonus songs that came from the deluxe edition that I simply love. “A Lifeless Ordinary” “Pulp Fiction” “Worker Bee” and “Disappear” put on different textures from the original. They showcase tinker toys, basic piano and acoustic guitar, and even a children’s chorus in “Disappear”. Most definitely beautiful and soothing. Also, the track “So Long Farewell” is a simply acoustic piece that is warm to the fullest. And finally “Sunny Day” is a high powered pop song showcasing classic clean guitar and maybe about lust but again, just a guess.

So, I hope I convinced you enough to go out to Wal-Mart or iTunes store to get this CD. Believe me, it’s spectacular. Different, but spectacular.

Don’t die.